Hedges Park Project Details

Cocooned in lush greenery with 3 distinctive linear water courtyards running the full course of a sprawling terraced residential landscape, Hedges Park presents a peaceful oasis of joy; creating a self-sustainable resort atmosphere to soak up the fun.

Discover Delight in Contemporary Living
The simple joys of urban living just got better. Hedges Park is beautifully adorned by contemporary essences of rest and relaxation. The water courtyards artistically blend a full sized pool, spa pool and children’s pool across a layered terrain to suit the interests of all ages. As the first to greet at the entrance of the development, the Urban Realm creates the perfect setting for first impressions, an ideal spot for one to start soaking away the stresses of modern everyday life.

Luxuriate in a modern habitat with the Urban Realm where lush greens, soothing water landscapes and decked patios altogether induce an inviting ambience of chic elegance. The clubhouse takes centre stage as an inviting vista for a host of family fun, weekend partying and social gatherings.

Reveal the Bliss of Companionship
Life brings unexpected twists and turns but few are coupled with as much comfort and joy as the bliss of companionship. The Marina Belt adds years to one’s life and joy to one’s heart with an interesting array of activities to continually enjoy with loved ones.

With pebble boats and dinghies peppered in the idyllic dip pools laced with coastal greens, marine encounters are recreated to perfection. The Marina Belt is authentically designed for one to partake in a slew of entertaining marine activities in a relaxing resort-like setting without ever leaving home.

Express the Thrill of Excitement
As the most active and physically exhilarating zone in Hedges Park, the Adventure Sphere tempts with a beach paradise island setting that is designed with acute attention to detail. Features such as the sand bed and pebbled sea beds realistically characterize the fantasies of true outdoor excitement.

The Adventure Sphere is surrounded by the tennis, basketball court and playground to complete the quest for a variety of outdoor enjoyment. With a myriad of variou pavilions nested on green grounds, there are moments of entertainment for all ages, from the young to the young-at-heart.

Define the Pleasures of a Personal Sanctuary
Hedges Park comprises 501 units that are pristinely housed in 10 blocks, offering a comfortable mix of 1-, 2-, 2+1-, 3-, 4- bedroom apartments and penthouses. With an elevated terrain advantage that starts from Flora Drive to Upper Changi Road, the inclined height gives rise to units with scenic views as they overlook the beauty of the development’s wide expanse and charming landscape features. Inside each unit, clean linear layouts exude the same element of wide space with amply sized living and dining areas.

Cooking becomes an innate pleasure and a therapeutic time to unwind at the end of the day. This heart of the home shines bright with modern quality fittings and equipment, a kitchen ready for daily cooking or a spot of weekend baking.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are tastefully furnished to complement and enhance the quality of home living, with contemporary features that present a classy and refined finish.

Realize the Charm of a Distinctive Locale
Hedges Park is sited within a distinctive serene local that is at the crossroads of a wide network of amenities served by established new towns within reach. In addition, its easy access via the expressways to the City, East Cast and Changi Airport brings with it a versatile spread of modern conveniences and attractions, from appealing shopping escapades, to exciting leisure destinations and renowned educational institutions.